Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pilot Knob Cemetery

One of our more well known rural cemeteries is Pilot's Knob.  This cemetery has been the result of numerous acts of vandalism over many years.  It seemed to be one of the favorite places for teenagers to meet for a while and stones would be turned over and some of the markers would be broken or moved from their location.   More adult surveillance and  a watch group has seemed to help with this, and hopefully the cemetery will not be damaged again.

The cemetery, in the early days was referred to as the Stephen Fowler Cemetery.  The land the cemetery was located on was owned by pioneer settler, Stephenson Fowler.  Sometime during the time it was used, the name of Pilot Knob's was given to it and it's been called that every since.

In 1918 a new monument was being erected at the cemetery.  Here's what the Crittenden Press noted about the new stone.

A large monument has just been erected at the burying ground of Wm. Hughes and family.  The monument is made from the famous Belaching Stone, nicely carved and is beautiful.  The individual graves on the lot are marked with a nice grave marker.

W. U. Hughes, of this county, and his brothers purchased this work from Henry & Henry.

This stone is one of the larger ones in the cemetery.  If you visit the cemetery in the early spring before the leaves are on the trees, you can see for miles around at the beautiful countryside, as is visible in the background of the picture above.

Pictures made March 12, 2011.

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