Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas of 2010

Marion and Crittenden woke up to a White Christmas this morning, Dec. 25, 2010. 

We have about two inches on the ground.  It is a heavy wet snow the kind that makes wonderful snowmen and snow cream.  Either of which I don't do anymore.  But it is a good memory of times past.

The scene also reminded me of an old saying that my grandmother used to say when it was snowing large white flakes. 

That Mother Goose was picking her geese.  As the snow flakes must look like the white feathers of a goose being picked of it's feathers. Remember the poem of long ago
The Old woman on high,
Way up in the sky,
Is picking her geese, they say.
White feathers come down,
All over the town from the geese,
She is picking today.
And I'm wondering, oh, my,
How her fingers must fly.
Pick-picking, pick-picking all day,
And I'm wondering, too,
about her geese, wouldn't you?
How many does she have anyway.

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