Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cline's Marion Cafe

Yesterday, Sat. Dec. 4th, Marion had it's annual Christmas Parade.  Do you wonder what Cline's Marion Cafe would have to do with the Christmas Parade?   

Years ago, the old Marion Cafe was where everyone went and gathered for meeting friends, having good food and fun.  Attending the parade made me remember all the times that as a child, and teenager and as a young adult that we made our way to the eating place on Main street, whether is was after the Christmas parade, going to a movie at the Kentucky Theater across the street, and later after going to ball games and other local activities.  The Marion Cafe was 'the' place to go.

Cline's Marion Cafe was located on Main Street. across the street from the Farmers Bank.  Today the Botanical Flower and Gift shop is located in this building.  Cap and Edith Cline ran the popular eating and gathering place for 29 years.  Later after their daughter Phyllis was older she also help behind the counter.  It was Cline's Marion Cafe from 1945 until they sold it in 1974.  The picture above was made in 1955, the way I remember it. 

As you entered the cafe on the right in the front corner was the large colorful Jukebox, remember those?  The big cushioned booths were on the left wall.  On the wall by these booths was the Jukebox selection devise.  From your seat you could choose the songs that you wanted to hear.  The prices on the old Marion Cafe Menu are hard to believe now, with hamburgers and fries $1.50 and a steak for $2.50. 

Don't guess any of us living in this time period will ever forgot this popular place and the good times there.

This in a picture made inside the Cafe in 1951.
Waitress standing by the table is Delia Kirk Hughes, the lady by the counter is Sylvia Sutton and Percy Sommers in standing behind the counter.

In this photo the booths on the left are wooden before they installed the more comfortable ones and you can see the top of the Jukebox behind Mrs. Hughes.

The tile floor that you see in the photo is still being in use today, and it is still in beautiful condition.

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