Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chritsmas Past in Marion

Christmas years ago in the small town of Marion was very different from today.  Today all of the old familiar shopping stores are gone.  But it's nice to be able to remember the hustle and bustle that was here.  Store windows from East Bellville Street to East Depot street would be decorated with Christmas scenes and merchandise.   There was no need to travel miles to Paducah, Princeton or Evanville to do your shopping, there was plenty to choose from at Marion and with reasonable prices.  

From an article in the Dec. 1938 Crittenden Press, it tell us the holiday season is in "Full swing" in Marion with stores stocked to capacity for Christmas shoppers.  All are beautifully decorated and clerks in readiness to meet the last minute rush of shoppers.  

The business section, Marion Street, is a veritable canopy of multicolored lights strung across the thoroughfare. Show windows are outlined in colored lights and a Santa Claus banner hangs across the street. Even the gas stations have festooned gas pump with cedars and lights. 

To end this week before Christmas, I'll share another antique Yule card with you.  Few if any of these early cards used Nativity scenes, most just had brief Christmas sentiments on them.

This card was postmarked Dec. 23, 1929.

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