Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Old Building Lost

Marion lost another one of it's Main Street buildings Friday, Dec. 3, 2010.  The building was build in the 1940's by C. W. Grady.  Through the years it has been home to several business, some being the Kroger Grocery store, Gene's IGA store, and the last being the General Dollar Store.  Most of the other places of business on the nearby streets hated to see the Dollar store move to it's new location, for it was so convenient for them to walk there during the day and get most anything one would need.  

The upstairs area also held different offices during the years.  Dr. Brandon's offices were located there during the 1960's and Dr. Hopkins had a dentist office there.  The white area with the blue front was once a jewerly store and then later a natural herb store.

Farmers Bank and Trust purchased the property and are the ones that had it torn down.  The purpose is for future expansion of the bank, but it will be a while before anything is done to the area.  The side of the building on the right is the Bank, and the building on the left is the offices of Larry Orr, P.C.A., which was once the Kentucky Theater.  

Progress, they call it.

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