Friday, September 3, 2010

Marion's Tobacco Factory

As early as 1882 the crash crop in Crittenden County was tobacco. 

There were two tobacco factories located in the town.   The tobacco would be hauled into Marion by wagon. 

The picture at the right is one of the factories owned by A. B. Jarvis.  This factory was located on the north side of town.  Today there is a street named Jarvis Street named for the owner of the factory.  The old factory has long been gone, torn down from years of decay.

The other factory of Mr. Jarvis was located on the east side of town, near the railroad tracks.  

By 1946 the growing of tobacco in Crittenden had dropped to where the old factory wasn't needed for the storage of tobacco and it was used to house other small businesses, and also as a storage building.  This factory burnt in 1946.  Nothing is left but these wonderful old pictures of our once flourishing tobacco industry.

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