Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mapleview Cemetery

Another visit to Mapleview Cemetery and some history of two that are buried there. 

In March 1918, the Crittenden Press tells us that "Erected last week in the new Marion Cemetery by Davis and Son of Princeton Monument Company, is one of the handsomest and neatest pieces of granite ever erected in the County.  It is massive and clean cut and an extremely beautiful memorial to one of the County's wealthiest land owners, a greatly beloved citizen."

William Barnett was born Nov. 22, 1852, son of Phineas and Janette Threlkeld Barnett.  He was a man of high ideas, generous nature and indulgent to those he loved. The deceased was a founder and ruling elder for twenty years in the Miley Memorial Church at Tolu and was Vice President of the Farmers and Merchants Bank at that place.  Mr. Barnett was survived by his widow who was Miss May Fleming of Livingston County.  He was the last male descendant of his family name in Crittenden County.  One brother James Barnett lived at Ravine, Miss.

Another stone that has engraved on it's face some history of it's own it that of W. H. Guess.  It tells that he was born in Orange Co. N. C. on May 4, 1831.

Willoughby Hudgeons Guess died at the age of 92 years, ten months and 24 days.  He was married three times to the following:  first marriage to Frances Ann Deboe, daughter of Phillip Deboe and six children was born to this union; second marriage was to Patience Ann Hughey and to this union two children were born.  His third marriage was to Sarah Riley, to this union was born eleven children.

He leaves us with a haunting verse on the reverse side of his stone.

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