Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Historical Home

Marion still has a few of it's old historical homes that are well taken care of.  We are lucky to have these and the families that live in them and take care of them.

One of the oldest residential homes is located  at 251 East Bellville Street. In the 1850's, David Bourland, an enterprising young man that came here in Marion's very young days, from Hopkins County, built the first part of this house, which consisted of only two rooms.  In 1870, the owner of the house was Thomas Jefferson Nunn, and he built on to these rooms and made the home as it looks today.

The picture at the right was was made in October of 2002, but it still looks the same today.  The caring owners of this historical home today are Tommy and Mary Tabor.  Thomas and Ethel Tucker lived here prior to Tommy and Mary.

This home has a unique attraction, it has it's own Kentucky Historical Marker, telling of it's history.  It is titled "Family of Judges."  The marker reads:  T. J. Nunn represented Crittenden and Livingston Counties in the 1890 Convention which framed the present constitution of Kentucky.  He was Judge of Kentucky's Court of Appeals, from 1903-1914; resigned because of ill health.  His son, Clement "Clem" S. Nunn was appointed to complete his father's term.  C. S. was state senator, 1920-24.  T. J. .lived in this house many years; C. S. was born here.

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