Friday, September 10, 2010

Autumn Display of Merchandise

The Marion of today has no Department stores lining the main street and no brand name car dealerships available for viewing, but in the early and mid 1920's, Marion was a very busy business district with many stores to do one's shopping. Anything one would need or want would be available. The following article appeared in The Crittenden Press in September 1925, 85 years ago this month.

If any one thinks that Marion is not an up to date town from the merchandising point of view, a look over the ads in this paper will dispell the delusion.

Arriving at the stores of J. H. Mayes &  Sons, Yandell, Gugenheim Co. and C. W. Grady, are all kinds of new dry goods.  Among the new things in dry goods this fall are herdered flannels, and some beautiful new designs in crepes and satins. 

In the shoe department are to be found a new wide soft toe grogue for men and women can find something new in pumps with buckles.

Automobiles advertised this week are Hudson, Essex, Chevrolet and Ford.  These are distributed in the community by W. W. Runyan & Co., T. H. Cochran & Co. and Foster & Tucker & Co.

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