Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shady Grove Lodge

The picture at the right is of the Shady Grove Lodge.  Picture was made in the early 1920s.  The people on the porch were unidentified.   The writing on the old photo says Odd Fellow and Modern Woodman of American Hall. W of A

An article in the Jan. 21, 1909 Crittenden Press tells us some history about this old building.

Friday, January 1st, was a great banner day in the history of Shady Grove Camp No. 12422 Modern Woodmen of America.  They met at the Hall in regular session.  Officers for the ensuring year were installed and future work of the order was planned.

The past year has been a most prosperous one and the ensuring year promises to be a more prosperous one.  Following are the officers elected for th ensuring year:  S. D. Asher, Consul; W. F. Brown, adviser; C. M. Drennon, banker; Kelley Simpson, clerk; S. W. Towery, escort; J. C. Skelton, watchman; Thomas Travis, secretary; Bert Woods, Chief forester; Rev. Eman Bosster, Chaplain; Dr. R. O. Davis, camp physicion; T. B. Kemp, Henry and Johnnie Birchfield, board of manager.

They went on with the good work until 4:00 in the afternoon, they they marked through the village of Shady Grove and back to W. H. Birchfield's residence, where they found a sumptuous supper awaiting them.  Mrs. Birchfield certainly had everything on the table that could have been appetising.

There were three new members to be iniated and the ceremonies held the camp in session long after midnight.  The meeting was long to be remembered and strikingly illustrated the growth and healthy condition of the Shady Grove camp.

This camp No. 12422 was organized August 26, 1908, has more than 50 members and is rapidly increasing in membership.

The ladies present at the supper were Mesdames Will Birchfield, Jane Tudor, Willis Tudor, Sam Asher, Jim Skelton, Will Brown, Sheek Towery, Jeff Elder, Rassie Eskew and Miss Auda Campbell.

This picture of the Shady Grove Lodge was made in March of 1996.  It still looks almost the same as it did in the other photo, but for a few changes.  It stands at the intersection of roads S.R. 139 and S. R. 1917.

The Lodge is still used today for the meetings of the Eastern Star organization.


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