Monday, December 21, 2009

Gazebo on Court House Lawn

The picture at the right is of the Crittenden County Court House that was finished being built in 1961 and had its dedication ceremony on Dec. 9, 1961. 

The gazebo at the right wasn't built until 1998.  Marion's Zeta Alpha Chapter of Beta Sigma International Sorority headed the project of having a new bandstand gazebo constructed on the courthouse lawn.  This gazebo was constructed at the intersection of Main and Bellville Streets at nearly the same location as the original bandstand was located.  The purpose of this bandstand gazebo was to restore some of the old history, and with this new structure perhaps keep alive the memories of a simpler time, and that music will play, policicans will speak, and friends will sit and visit on the public square once again.

Funds to help build this gazebo were raised by the selling of memorial bricks that are laid all around the foundation of the building.

These are bricks that were purchased by myself and my husband in memory of our parents, and my grandfather.  They include, In Memory of Billie M. & Evah Lee Travis.  In Memory of John & Jewell Underdown, and In Memory of my Grandfather, Judge E. Jeffrey Travis, who was the County Judge for Crittenden County for several years.

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