Saturday, December 5, 2009

Matthews Cemetery, Frances Kentucky

Matthews Cemetery is located near Frances, KY on State Route 855 South.

Crittenden County has many small family and community cemeteries that are uncared for, not that there aren't family members left, but for different reasons they are unable or just forget the need to care for them. Maintenance of these cemeteries is expensive for one or two people to have to bear the load of the fees, and time consuming if you have to try and keep the area mowed and trimmed yourself. So most of them are just left uncared for and nature takes them over.

Rita Owen Travis through a local grant application has acquired a small grant to help get the Matthews Cemetery cleaned. In the picture at the right is Steve Underdown with power saw cutting and trimming hanging limbs and overgrown shrubs that have become overgrown and out of control. The ice storm of Jan. 2009 also caused a lot of damaged to fence rows and tree limbs.

Rita also wants to have some of the over-turned and broken monuments reset and restored to their former state.

Some of the families that are buried in this cemetery are Matthews, Brown, Perkins, Tabor, Shewcraft, Millikan, Polk, Parish, and Asbridge. These are just a few of the family names you will see on the tombstones.

Hopefully with this initial cleanup family members will take a renewed interested in their family history and possible help with future care of the cemetery.

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