Thursday, December 17, 2009

Illinois Central Centennial Marker

This is a picture of the Illinois Central Centennial Marker that was shown in the previous post.  The marker has been relocated and now sets of the side of the Court House facing Farmers Bank.  The front faces Main Street.

I bet if you showed most of the people in Marion and Crittenden County a photo of this marker, they would not have a clue what it is, or where it is located.

Marion, once proud, and thankful for having a thriving Depot and the use of the railways was honored to received this monument. The railroad, once such a vital part of our history, is now just a memory of the past, as this once distinguished marker is.

The history of this markers is as follows:
This 1500 pound Indiana Limestone Boulder, symbolizing a century of service to Mid-America, was presented to our community on Thursday, September 27, 1951 in the Courthouse yard, in a dedication ceremony by the Illinois Central Railroad.

The two 11-inch bronze medallions set in the face of the boulder are the work of the famed sculptor Julio Kilenyl.

Lon Kavanaugh, Agent for the Illinois Central Railroad and chairman, made and interesting talk and C. S. Collier, Train master, of Princeton, presented the marker to Crittenden County. Acceptance for the county was made by our County Attorney C. D. Chick, and for the City of Marion Hollis C. Franklin, Vice-President of the Farmers Bank & Trust Company.

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