Friday, November 20, 2009

Marion Business Matters

This little interesting article appeared in The Crittenden Record Press in Sept. 12, 1912. It's titled "DOGS."

We are of the opinion that another ordinance should follow the "chicken ordinance" this one should prohibit the dogs of this city from being at liberty to go where they please.

We strictly endorse the "chicken ordinance" provided that dog ordinance follows which will stop the dogs from prowling in our yards and on our porches.

As to the chickens, "we had much rather have our neighbors' fowls in our yards than to have our neighbors, and those who are not our neighbors' dogs, prowling in our yards and houses, scratching up our flowers and burying bones and pieces of refused beef from the slaughter yards.

It may do over in Hog Wallow where dogs are raised for the fun of hearing them chase Eleck Hellwagger's mule off of Musket Ridge, but in a civilized and growing city we strenuously object to that method of employing the canine race.

With the chicken ordinance it is different, for many poor people who rent houses would love to have a few chickens, but as the owners of the property will not fence it, they can not have the fowls, and yet they are compelled to be harassed by the yelling of a pack of dogs all night.

In our end of the town we would all be much obliged to the Board, if they would kindly use some of their surplus influence to bring the proposed ordinance to pass.
Signed - A Friend.

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