Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dickey Springs

Home of the first Presbyterian Church
One of the most historic springs in Crittenden County is the Dickey Spring site. A quiet little place located in undisturbed forest land about 5 miles from Marion on the home place of Debbie and Roger Roberts.

From the earliest information of this area, which is in 1803, history tells us that the first Presbyterian Church established in what is now Crittenden County grew out of brush-arbor services that were held at Dickey Spring, by a Presbyterian minister, Rev. William Dickey. Rev. Dickey had a home site located close to the spring. He was known to also hold services at his home.

Other sources of our past history, some by J. N. Dean and also from The Travis Family history by Rev. James F. Price, tells us that there was also a cemetery located near this site. There is nothing now to show there were any graves there. From these sources we know that Daniel Travis, the first Travis (from this line) to come to Livingston Co. (now Crittenden) is buried here. Daniel served in the American Revolution in South Carolina under Capt. Edward Lacey's Co. John and Benjamin Wheeler, young sons of John and Susannah Clark Wheeler are also buried in the old cemetery. Probably several more members of pioneer families are buried in this place, but nothing to tell of us their lives or deaths.

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