Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gladstone, Kentucky

This little interesting article in from The Crittenden Press, April 8, 1915.

The Press scribe visits the little village of Gladstone located on the I.C.C. Railroad track in the North East part of our county.

Our Press man made Gladstone last week. This is a business burg on the I. C. Railroad north of Marion.

D. Crowell is a dealer here in groceries and county produce.

M. Crider, in general merchandise, postmaster and millinery goods. The telephone central office is located here. His daughters, Misses Ambie and Sadie Crider are the "hello" girls and they are very attentive and polite in performing their duties.

J. B. McKinney is a dealer in groceries.

During the time when the article was written, the Nunn Switch depot sat in the field near the railroad crossing sign. The store was also located close by.

The picture above was made in 1997 before the railroad tracks were removed. This is a picture for the history books, since the Rail Road crossing sign and tracks are sill visible. Today the track and the crossing sign are gone, just a faded memory for some of us older folks.


Merritt Family said...

Thanks for this article on Gladstone, Ky. (Nunn Switch). I recall exploring Hoods Creek that runs along the old RailRoad tracks. Most of my summers as a youth were spent fishing and hunting this area.

Forgotten Passages said...

Thank you for your comments about Baker Church and the little Gladstone article. I love all these wonderful places that make up our Crittenden County History. I appreciate knowing that you do to.