Friday, November 27, 2009

Baker Missionary Baptist Church

Baker Baptist Church is located on S. R. 365 in Crittenden County approximately 10 miles from Marion. It is set in a beautiful rural area of the county.

There are two cemeteries located here, one in front of the church near the highway and another in the rear of the church accessed from Baker Hollow Road.

Here is some of the history of this church.
  • The council met on Monday, August 19, 1901 to organize the church. The council composed of Elders and deacons from churches in the community read the Articles of Faith and the "Church Covenent."
  • The eight constituent members were Brother Sam Merritt, Sisters Deasdie Merritt, Nancy R. Sullivan, Sallie Simpson, Lou Simpson, Mary H. Simpson, Annis O'Neal and Garbrilla Crisp entered into the Constitution.
  • T. W. Walker made the motion to name the church Baker.
  • The first minister was Rev. U. Grant Hughes and the first treasurer was A. B. Crisp. The first clerk was W. P. O'Neal.
  • The land for the building was donated by W. U. Hughes.
The new church was built in 1902 and the formal dedication was to be held the fifth Sunday in August 1903.

A large crowd was present. The liberal seating capacity of the church proved inadequate for the occasion. A merry dinner was spread in the grove. The preaching was a telling example of devine oratory.

The day will long be remembered by the members and families of the new Baker Church.


Jesus Hold My Hand said...

I love reading stories like this. Sometimes I long to have live back in those days. Life wasn't easy back then that's for sure. But their faith was strong, and God was center of their life. And sadly that's what's missing from our society today.

Merritt Family said...

Wonderful article on Baker Bapt. Church. It was good to remember the old revivals and the preaching that has taken place at this little church by the road. Our lives become a composite of the experiences of our youth. A real blessing to also recall the summer bible schools of my youth there. My great grandparents mentioned as some of the first members. It was a time of new beginnings that is still blessing members of that community today. Thank you.