Friday, August 7, 2009

Thomas Jefferson Yandell's Home

The home of Thomas Jefferson Yandell sits just down the street from his brother, W. B. Yandell's, house, at 320 East Bellville St.
This house was built in the early 1900's and in August 1909 Thomas Yandell was beautifying his home by adding rooms in the front and raising the floors on solid brick foundation.
(This picture was made in October 2008.)

T. J. Yandell was born in Crittenden County in 1859 and was a life long resident of the county. He married Katie Franklin on Jan. 19, 1887.

Mr. Yandell's knowledge of banking and financial affairs caused his judgment to be followed and adhered to by all. He was a leader in all civic and community enterprises and movements, giving unselfish support to any program in which he was involved.

Mr. Yandell died Sept. 8, 1934. His death was unexpected as he was seen about on the streets of Marion just the preceding day.

Mr. Yandell's wife, Kate, died within a few short weeks of her husband, on Oct. 17th, 1934. Both are buried in Mapleview Cemetery.

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