Monday, August 31, 2009

Cameron Hotel - 1893

Marion was a busy town in 1893. Lead and Zinc mines in the Crittenden Springs area were being opened up and business men from out of state were coming to see the operations. Salesmen from different areas were coming to Marion to sell their wares.

Folks from other towns in Crittenden County would also come to Marion to do business and since travel was so hard and slow, many would just spend a few days in Marion rather than try to travel to and from their homes in one day.

The Cameron House was the place to stay, as you can see by the advertisement at the right. A first class Hotel, with Stable attached and a Barber shop, all available in the same location. A grand place to stay in 1893.

Hotel arrivals for Feb. 11, 1893 included:
  • J. B. Heart and W. G. Louis, Evansville Ind.
  • Charlie Teets, Weston, Ky.
  • W.N. Claggot, Louisville, Ky.
  • M. C. Givens, Providence, Ky.
  • S. T. Lamerok, Paducah, Ky.
  • Joseph Reeves, Mt. Vernon Ind.
  • J.J. Dollar, G. C. Dollar, J.K. Woodsides, A. H. Cardin all from Crittenden Co.
  • Harry Clement, Weston, Ky.
  • Joe Cassidy, Dycusburg, Ky.
  • Tom Wallace, Hurricane, Ky.
  • Bill Hill, and M. Baker, Fredonia, Ky.
  • H. McGoodwin, Princeton, Ky.

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