Friday, August 28, 2009

Hayward Fishpond

Another piece of interesting history to share about the old Hayward Mansion and lawns. Located in the front lawn was a item that was very unique for our small rural town of Marion. It was a concrete fish pond. Many beautiful gold fish occupied this little pond. In the middle was a water fountain and benches sat around the pond so people could sit and enjoy the view.

During the 1950's when the house was serving as the hospital, this was a very special entertainment for the visitors to the hospital. To small children the gold fish were a magical thing to watch as they swam around the pond.
The fish pond lies empty and full of leaves and other people's litter today.


Jerry Cummings said...

As a tiny boy I would visit my mother in the hospital and this "fish pond" was a major attraction - the fish were beautiful. I think the year was 1946. I visited the fish pond in 1995 and was sorely disappointed that it was dry but surely surprised that it was still there.

Forgotten Passages said...

Thank you for your comment. I feel we are lucky to have seen the "fish pond" in it's glory. The children of today have missed this pleasure.

Kelly Nelon said...

We (The Nelons) are singing across the street and I walked over to see this once beautiful mansion. I wish it could be restored. What a beautiful treasure it could be.