Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day, May 25th, 2009

Marion and Crittenden County remembers their Fallen Heroes. This is to honor those who answered the call of their nation and gave the supreme sacrifice in the name of liberty. Mapleview cemetery was a beautiful and sad sight today, as each soldier killed in action had a US Flag honoring their cross.
  • World War I - Pvt. Oscar W. Green, Pvt. John Franks, Pvt. Amplias M. Moore, Pvt. James G. Highfil, Sgt. Maj. Freda E. Baker, Pvt. Jesse Cummings, Pvt. William Curry, Luther H. Horning, Cpl. Ellis B. Ordway, Pvt. John E. Samuel, Pvt. Harry W. Threlkeld, Cpl. James C. Turner
  • World War II -Thomas W. Collins, Allen Ray Teer, Robert L. Drennan, Chester Wood, Curtis Drennan, Morris R. Pace, Joseph H. Truitt, Darwin Howard, J. D. Vaughn, Hayes J. Clark, Albern Davenport, Lovell Hatcher, Charles Kemper, Harvey Paris, Johnson Sigler, Tommy Wilborn, Billie Cook, Guy Hodge, Willis G. Belt, Degarth Hall, Victor H. Orr, Harold E. Winn, James E. Ordway, Robert D. Drennan, Johnny Hillyard, James Hill, Harold Hardrick, Marvin Hughes, John McKinney, Roy Cobb, William L. Peek, Howard C. Enoch, Jr. (His body was identified and sent back to the states just last year), Sam Railey, Don Asbridge, James Miles, Carl Bozeman, Forrest E. Brantley, John W. Freeman, J. D. Hodge, Herbert A. Hoover, Denver L. Marvel, Vivian McDonald, Thomas Perkins, Carter Shoecraft, Maurice Stalion, James B. Truitt, Jack L. Woody, James C. Yandell.
  • Korean War - Jerald W. Henry, Ollie J. Belt, James R. Bissell.
  • Vietnam War - Charles L. Doom, Bobby J. Jennings, James K. Hughes, Billy J. Williams, Leon Beard, Johnny Lindsey.

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