Monday, May 18, 2009

Flanary Home

Flanary Home

This house started out as a 2-room log cabin built before the Civil War.

After the war, it was purchased by Mr. John W. Blue, Sr. A prominent young farmer and Lawyer from Union County that had come to Marion to start a new law practice.

After buying the house and property, in 1877 Mr. Blue wanted a more prominent home for his young family, so he built around the log cabin and turned them into a 15-room home, with six porches, and it was fashioned in the grand style of the old lavish steamboats that plied our rivers. The front of the house did indeed resemble that of the steamboat.

In 1905 Edwin R. Flanary and Thomas Cochran Sr. bought the house from Mrs. Martha Blue Evans, the daughter of John W. and Martha Baldwin Blue.

In 1907 Mr. Flanary bought Cochran's half of the property, and the home became known as the Flanary House. Here Edwin and Margaret Threlkeld Flanary raised their family. I'm sure many happy memories were made at the home and on the grounds of this lovely home.

The house stayed beautiful and well cared for until the death of John Orme Flanary, grandson of Edwin and Margaret, in 1985 and then his mother, Margaret, their daughter-in-law, in 1986. The home and all it's antiques were sold and there was no one left to care for the lovely old home.

In its prime this home was ranked as one of the best examples of the steamboat style of architecture in the state.

The pictures above show the home before and after. The picture on the right shows all that remained of the once beautiful home by the year 2007. All its beautiful gingerbread trim and southern style porches had been removed.

In August of 2007 the remains of this home was razed to make room for a new modern home. Marion indeed lost one of it's most historic landmarks, since in its prime this home was noted as one of a kind.

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villette1 said...

I was so sorry to read about this. We are losing so much of our heritage to "progress" that is tears my heart up inside.