Saturday, November 8, 2008

Visit to Lily Dale School in 1900

Lily Dale School House. Located on Lily Dale Road in Crittenden County. This picture is of the last school house and was made in the 1970's by Braxton McDonald. The building has been gone now for several years.

The first building was made of logs and then later replaced with the building in the picture.

Crittenden Press, Feb. 15, 1900 - Tuesday Feb. 6th, 1900, was a grand day for the pupils of Lily Dale school. The appearances of many of the patrons and friends of the school shows their appreciation of the good work done in their district by Mr. P. M. Woodall, the teacher.

The forenoon was past in reciting the routine of lessons. Those who heard this part of the exercises are satisfied that Mr. Woodall is a good teacher. By noon the house was packed; a sumptuous dinner was then served. Just in time to take a part in the above, the Woodall band arrived to make music for the occasion.

The afternoon programme was composed of speeches, recitations, etc., which showed marked improvement on the children in this line. Several valuable gifts were then presented by the teacher to those who received the most head marks in the various spelling classes. May Jacobs, Marvin Scott, Johnnie Cole, Elvah Jacobs, Curtis O'Neal and Ernest Ordway were the lucky ones.

Then some rousing speeches were made by the trustees, and a general sweetening up in the confiscating of twenty five pounds of candy.

This closes a day long to be remembered by the merry juveniles.

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