Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some Added Information About Lily Dale School

A childhood friend of mine, Nancy Ellen Sutton Lynch, shared some of her personal memories about the Lily Dale School after she read the article posted about Lily Dale School. I thought they were very interesting and worth sharing with the readers of my Blog.

Nancy lived on Lily Dale Road with her parents, Eldon and Beulah Sutton and her brothers. They attended Lily Dale School as long as it was still active. Nancy told me that the last day of school for Lily Dale was Feb. 24, 1950. After that it closed and the students went to other schools near by, such as Crayne and Frances.

Nancy remembers one of her fun past times at the school was crawling under the edge of the building and calling for Doodle Bugs. Anyone remember doing that? I sure do, spent many an afternoon trying to call these illusive little critters to the top of the ground. Children of today don't know of these little activities that we used to do long ago for entertainment. The Doodle bug would make a tunnel straight down in the dry dirt, and we would try to call them back out by saying, "Doodle Bug, Doodle Bug come to the top." I never did succeed, but it was fun trying. It was always a challenge.

Nancy tells us that Mr. Jesse Riley purchase the old school building and tore it down soon after the closing of the school. He built a house out of it at Kentucky Lake, but it later burned down.

Thank you Nancy for sharing your memories of Lily Dale School with us. Memories keep our history alive.

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