Saturday, November 29, 2008

Confederate Soldier Stephen F. Crider

The Confederate government issued stone of Stephen Fielding Crider is located in the Repton Cemetery in Crittenden County.

Although there were many men from Crittenden that served in the Confederate Army this is the only government issued "Confederate" stone located in Crittenden County. The other men have regular stones. There are many Union Army issued stones.

Here is the obituary of Stephen F. Crider from The Crittenden Press dated August 22, 1941. Stephen Fielding Crider, 98, died Sunday afternoon at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Hughey Lowey. Crittenden's oldest citizen, native born, his entire life and colorful career was spent near the scene of his birth.

Veteran of War Between the States Mr. Crider went through dreaded experiences and was once a member of the famous "Morgan Sharphooters" facing death at all times. After cessation of hostilities he resumed operation of his farm and was active in tillage of the soil until advancing age intervened.

Mr. Crider was active until a few days preceding death and celebrated his 98th birthday with his children and other relatives. He was first married to Miss Louticia Burton who died years ago. He was later married to Miss Porcia Gilbert who died several year ago.

Stephen Fielding Crider was the son of Stephen and Sally Brantley Crider.

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RayC said...

My name is George Raymond Crider. My father James Cecil Crider was born around Morganfield in 1912/13. His father James Crider was killed in a coal mine when he was 9 yrs old. His mother Della remarried to a Lowey. They later migrated to Louisville. I my well be related to Stephen F. Crider. Could you contact me at 502-368-1196 or