Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Grand Jurors in 1891

Another interesting article from the archives of The Crittenden Press. Thanks for the roving Press reporter we are able to learn some informative facts about the people of yesteryear. I'm so thankful we have these colorful articles, I have learned much history and genealogy tidbits by having them available.

Dec. 17, 1891
While in search of news for the Press the reporter tapped on the door of the grand jury room, and a dapper little fellow with a cravat of black beard, opened the door and said, "Walk in."

Seated in the center of a circle of the twelve men chosen to investigate the boys, might make some people uncomfortable, but of course no newspaper men has any irritability on that score.
  • There was Uncle George Boaz, who was born near Lexington 74 years ago. He is a Baptist and a Democrat.
  • J. R. Jennings next in point of age was born in Virginia 71 years ago. He is an old school Presbyterian, in politics he is Independent.
  • T. J. Yandell is 66 years old, was born in Hopkins County. He is a Presbyterian and Republican.
  • Joseph Hina was born in France 61 years ago, reared in Germany, is now a good American citizen. He is a Cumberland Presbyterian and a Republican.
  • R. L. Wilson is 55 years old, like a great many of our citizens he was born in Tennessee. His politics run smartly with those of Uncle Joe Hina.
  • A. C. Deboe first saw the light in Caldwell County 51 years ago. He is a Baptist; his first vote was for Stephen A. Douglass, but now he usually votes with the Republicans.
  • G. W. Parish is 47 years old, was born in Hopkins County, is a Baptist; his first vote was for Buchanan, and he is for Cleveland.
  • R. N. Grady was born in Bourbon County 46 years ago. He is a Methodist and a Republican.
  • J. F. Snyder is 46, born in Tennessee, is a Baptist and a Republican.
  • T. A. Minner is 44, and is the only member of the jury born in Crittenden. He has been a Democrat and a Methodist 44 years.
  • A. J. Rutherford in 41, born in Christian County. He is a Methodist and a Cleveland man.
  • G. W. Perry is 87, born in Tennessee; he is a Baptist and a Republican.

When the reporter reached the door, he found it locked and was informed that it would require half a bushel of apples to open it. The apples were sent for, the door opened and we left a might good lot of men.

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