Thursday, July 17, 2008

Green Gables Home in Mexico, KY

In 2004, Nancy and Donald Tabor purchased the Lilly Stephenson's house which had been empty since it's owner had died in the winter of 1977. When Lilly Stephenson died, her daughter, Imogene Winstead locked the doors, removed a few belongings and rarely returned. When Nancy and Donald purchased the house it was still full of Stephenson's clothes, furniture, dished and personal items, as Nancy says, it was locked in time.

Restoring the old house was always a dream for Nancy. In fact, her ties to the house are many. Her uncle and grandfather, Jim and Lige Campbell, built the house in 1921. Her father worked on the farm as a boy. As a child, she visited the house and as an adult cared for her cousin, Lilly Stephenson.

With the restoration program the couple has paid attention to each detail, from the floor to the ceilings. One of the most consuming jobs, Nancy tells us, has been the process of staining all of the home's woodwork. It was all removed and stained and each nail used to re-install it was later covered with puddy and another coat of stain. Beautiful wooden front doors with sidelights welcome guests into a lovely parlor, as if you had indeed stepped back in time.

It's been 4 years since the restoration project began, Nancy has put her heart and soul in the project and in shows in every detail of the beautiful stunning old home. If wall could talk, I'm sure they would be welcoming the Tabor's unto their restored home.

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