Sunday, July 6, 2008

County Court Dec. 15, 1898

Reading the County Court items from our early days gives us a look back in time to the events that was taking place in Crittenden County.

Dec. 15, 1898
  • J. F. Harris allowed $25 for right of way for public road near Piney Creek Church, the old road having been ruined by a branch.
  • J. S. Newcom, commissioner to open road asked for by E. L. Nunn, reported road open and ready for travel. H. B. Tudor was appointed overseer, with the following hands, J. S. Newcom, E. L. Nunn, W. H. Tudor, Geo. W. Gahagan, and J. N. Truitt.
  • The following road overseers were appointed: H. F. McDonald, Charles Nunn, S. W. Simpson.
  • The will of the late John A. Hodge was probated. The subscribing witnesses are M. C. O'Hara, Eva Kirk and Eliza Jane Hicks. After providing for funeral expenses, the divisor says; I give, devise and bequeath all the residue of my estate, both real and personal, to my wife, Ebie Hodge, and my two children, Jackson and Donie Hodge. Said wife to hold during her life time and equal interest with my two children, Jackson and Donie, and her interest to revert to the children at her death. The sum of $5.00 is bequeathed to Kurg Hodge.

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