Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Taylor & Cannan Department Store and R. J. Morris, Leading Dentist

In 1902, The Crittenden Press had a special edition on some of the businesses that were located in down town Marion.  This is from one of the special pages in that edition.

The Taylor & Cannan Department Store was located on the corner of Main St. and E. Bellville St.  The store was built after the 1905 fire.   It was Taylor & Cannan, after the owners, Gus Taylor and W. D. Cannan.   

The store was sold in 1947 to Hillis and Iva Hunt and it became known as Hunt's Department store.   R. C. Hamilton married the Hunt's daughter, Louise, and in 1944, after R. C. came back from his service in WW II, they R. C.  the store.  

 Always one of Marion's most popular stores.

R. J. Morris, says the ad, was the leading dentist in Marion and Crittenden County.

Here is a closer look at his office.

His ad says.  It is a through-known fact by Marion and Crittenden County people that Dr. Morris is regarded as the leading dentist in this section of Kentucky.

he has a large and extensive practice all over Crittenden and adjoining counties.

The Doctor has at present some of the most difficult cases of Malocclusion of the teeth, which he is straightening with ease and success. 

He is so well qualified that he is prepared to successfully handle any thing pertaining to the Dentist profession.

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