Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Advertisements in 1902

Here is another page from the Crittenden Press in 1902 that had all the advertisements for that time period. 
J. N. Boston, Contractor and Builder, handles all kinds of building material, rough and dressed lumber.  The picture of the house was the new home he had just built for his family.

The house is still standing today.  Looks like the window on the front part of the extention has been closed off.

  It is located on East Bellville street.

Pierce & Guess Stables was also located on East Bellville Street. 

It's a private lot now owned by the Rip Wheeler Family. 

Their ad reads.  The leading Liverymen of Marion!. Up to Date Vehicles.

*  First-Class Stock, Careful and Sober Drivers.

* Special accommodations for Commercial Travelers.  Hacks met all trains.

*  Free to customers making country trips with us.

 These hacks, as shown in the picture, would drive salesmen around the county to the little country stores to show their goods and wares.

They were also available to drive visitors to the famous Crittenden Springs Mineral Springs Resort.

John Davis & Son Monuments were from Princeton, Kentucky.  I guess they were wanting to get some of Marion's Henry & Henry Monuments trade.    I thought strange to be in a Crittenden County Advertisement page.

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