Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Crayne United Presbyterian Church

The first church organized in the Crayneville community was in 1892, as a Cumberland Presbyterian church, from the congregation of the Piney Fork church. ( In 1907 Crayneville would be re-named as Crayne.)

On April 6, 1893 the church held its ceremonies to mark the beginning of this new church.  The Crittenden Press, dated April 6, 1893 recorded this event.  The article reads: Imposing ceremonies mark the beginning of the new church at Crayneville.  A large congregation from different parts of the county gathered together at Crayneville, to see Rev. B. T. Watson, lay the corner stone of the new church.  

The church remained a Cumberland Denomination until 1907.  In 1907, the congregation united with the Presbyterian Church U. S. A. 

In 1991, on the first Sunday of the month in June, the church celebrated its 100th year of religious teaching.

On January 3, 2000 the small community of Crayne was severely damaged by a tornado and the church was also damaged.  The church was declared unsafe for people to enter inside.  After many trials and tribulations it was decided that the 106 year old church would have to be torn down and a new one built.

Harold Cannon, a long time Crayne resident, was contracted to build the new church.  On December 2, 2002 was the first service in the new church.  On June 22, 2003 the dedication of the new church was held.

Yet another chance would take place in the year 2012.  After a disagreement with the Presbytery, the congregation of the church decided to withdraw their membership from the Presbytery and become an independent nondenominational  church and it was re-named Crayne Community Church.  

Through the past 6 years, several of the members have passed on, and the number attending has fallen.  Only an average of 15 are attending.

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