Monday, January 11, 2016

The New Orme Drug Store

The Orme Drug Company building was rebuilt after the 1905 fire in Marion that wiped out all of the business district.  They had their grand opening on September 8, 1905.  It was call The Crystal Palace Drug Store.  It was owned by Henry K. Woods and John H. Orme.

The interior was elaborately finished and equipped.  The ceiling was of ornamental steel and handsome design, the tints of which harmonize with the general interior of the store and from which myriads of electric lights line the entire length adding beauty and radiance to the scene.

The floor is finished in tiling of exquisite design and color, and as one enters the store the myriads of tinted electric globes reflect a dazzling beauty over the French plate mirrors, glass showcases, counters and the marble top, onyx column fountain.   

The handsomest of mirrors adorn the walls from floor to ceiling.  Perhaps the prettiest of these mirrors is the one which adorns the back of the prescription case.  It is six feet square surrounded by ornamental glass trimmings which make quite a pretty combination with the wire glass windows in the rear at the top of the balcony.  But by far the most beautiful addition to the store is the handsome $2,000 fountain on the right as you enter.  It is of mahogany with marble and onyx fixtures and counters.

This beautiful building went through several owners over the years, and also new renovations, but the beautiful and colorful tile floor has remained the same as it is still beautiful today.  

Then after it ceased to be a Drug Store, it was an Ice cream and sandwich parlor, and later the Cline's bought the building and most of us remember it as the home of the popular Marion Cafe for many years.  

Today it is home to the Florist and Gift shop named the Botanical's.  

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