Monday, January 18, 2016

Hazards Of Early Automobiles

This exciting event happened in July of 1911 in the community of Union Grove, located near the little community of Repton.

On July 12th, 1911, Drs. Baily and J. T. Moore, run out to Walter Wigginton's in Dr. Baily's auto to see Mrs. Wigginton, and finding her much improved, soon got ready to return to Marion.

After starting the auto and running a few feet, the auto refused to go any further.

After many efforts and hard labor it would not move.  It was decided to run it down a bank into the road with the hope that it would go, but it still refused to move, so it was turned around and Walter brought out "old Sam" with the harness on, hitched him to the stubborn auto and struck out up the road in a trot to a shade, yet there was no life in the machine.

After half an hour of close watching and busy time was given to find the trouble, but all efforts were in vain, so they sent for an expert, who soon arrived, and after watching and hard work, they decided to to send a message for another auto to pull the stubborn auto into town.

The summons was promptly answered, but while resting and meditating, they thought of the parable of the "ten virgins," so they hastened to the phone and said, "bring us some oil, boys, which they did in quick time and after a free application with the oil and a turn of the crank, lit their lamps, pulled a lever and the auto began to buzz and moved out as gracefully as a bird on the wing.

Darkness, having settled down, the two autos looked like meteors flying through the air.  In a few minutes they were safe in the city rejoicing with their friends and loved ones, who were anxiously waiting their return.

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