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Marion a Good Town of Thriving Mercantile Establishments In 1926

From the Crittenden Press, Oct. 22, 1926.   
Located in a beautiful valley, with just enough gently rolling hillsides to its natural beauty, the little city is an attractive one. 

 Marion's schools, her churches, her clubs and societies are all alive and flourishing.  Her business enterprises are as thriving and as varied in their field of activity as are found in any community. 

  • Banking Institutions - The banking institutions are both splendid ones.  Both banks are located on the same street, at the same street intersection.  The Marion Bank stands on the southeast corner of the intersection of Main and Carlisle.  The present building was constructed in 1919 to replace the old building that was destroyed by fire. It is an attractive design.  The officers of the Marion Bank are: John W. Blue, president; Sam Gugenheim, vice president; Thomas J. Yandell, cashier; Katherine Yandell Runyan, J. V. Threlkeld and Orville Lamb, assistant cashiers.
  • The Farmers Bank and Trust Company stands on the northwest corner of Main and Carlisle and is the youngest of the two banks.  The building it now occupies, while not a very old one, has been recently remodeled and enlarged.  The officers of the Farmers Bank and Trust Company are: W. T. McConnell, president; R. F. Wheeler and C. C. Wheeler, vice presidents; O. S. Denny cashier; Hollis Cl Franklin and Neil Guess and Mary Cook assistant cashiers.

    • Drug Stores - There are two drug stores in Marion, both of which have been conducting business at the same location for a great many years.  The Orme Drug Company on Main Street is now owned by S. M. Jenkins, Ted Frazer and Gleaford Rankin.    J. H. Orme, one of the original owners is still connected with the business. 
    • The Haynes and Taylor Drug Company is located on Carlisle street and still occupies the same location and has the same owners that it has for years, Robert F. Haynes and C. C. Taylor.
    • Many Dry Goods Stores - Marion is well supplied with dry goods stores, most of them also carrying a line of shoes and notions.  Several stores carry a full stock of this class of merchandise.

    • The Yandell-Gugenheim Dry Goods Company have the same location on the corner of Main and Carlisle that they have occupied for several scores of years.  The firm as it now stands and the sales force consists of W. B. Yandell, Sam Gugenheim, George Gray, J. L. Clifton, Robert B. Cook and Ernest Butler.
    • J. H. Mayes and Sons, another of the Main Street firms is managed by J. H. Mayes two sons, C. E. Mayes and L. E. Mayes.
    • The McConnell Dry Goods Store, on the same street, has been conducted under that name for only a short time.  The owners are W. T. McConnell, Homer McConnell and Charles Stewart.
    • The Marion Pure Food Bakery, owned and managed by R. K. Butler, is situated on North Main Street and is the only one in town.  Loaf bread, rolls, doughnuts, cakes, cookies and pies are baked and find a ready market.
    • McConnell and Wiggins' Barber Shop, owners are Walter McConnell and J. B. Wiggins, with two others, Mason Daniel and R. H. Winters.
    • The Marion Barber Shop, E. E. Mackey, owner, Fonnie Bealmear, J. R. Johnson and W. L. Johnson are the assistants.  The two shops are located on opposite sides of Carlisle Street.
These are a few of the businesses that were doing a successful business in the month of October 1926.

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