Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Meet Drs. John O. Dixon and Isacc H. Clement

Dr. John O. Dixon on the left and Dr. Isaac H. Clement of the right.  Two caring doctors who were loved by the people of Crittenden County in the first half of the 20th Century.

Dr. J. O. Dixon was born in Dixon, Ky. on January 26, 1861.  On June 20, 1889 he married Miss May Croft of Tolu.  They had two children, Galen and Mira.  

After marriage he moved to Tolu where he continued the practice of his profession that he had entered since he was 20 years old. 

Dr. Dixon had a beautiful farm near Tolu, which he named "Hurricane Valley."  On this farm he had all kinds of stock of the finest breeds, Hereford cattle, Pollen-China hogs and different breeds of horses.  He was also a good farmer and kept his farm in a good condition for growing any kind of grain, timothy, red top clover, peas and millet, and had a fine lot of hay for his stock in the winter.  

People that knew Dr. Dixon said he was one of the great benefactors to Crittenden Count in the introducing of blooded stock into the county creating a desire upon the his neighbors to the the same.

When their children were older Dr. Dixon moved to the town of Marion so they could have the advantages of the city schools and their more advanced stages of learning.  

Dr. Dixon died on March 16, 1910 and is buried in the Mapleview Cemetery with other members of his family.

Dr. Isaac H. Clement was born in 1862, the son of Isaac Newton and Maggie Anglan Clement, members of one of the pioneer Crittenden County families.

Dr. Clement was born and raised in Crittenden County.  His entire lifetime was spent here with the exception of several years absence while attending the University of Tennessee from which Institution he obtained his degree.  

On September 9, 1885 he married Addie J. Nunn. They had two daughters, Willie and Evelyn and two sons, Earl and Douglas.

After entering practice he was located for a number of years at Repton, later opening offices in Tolu before coming to Marion.  Here he met Dr. Dixon and after mowing to Marion, he and Dr. Dixon had a practice together. 

 He was well-known and respected and considered a capable physician by all who knew him.  

Dr. Clement died June 18, 1940 and is buried in Mapleview cemetery with his wife, Addie.  

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