Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Trip To Pine Knob

Crittenden County has a beautiful country side.  Through the years people have shared their outings and hikes with the readers of the Press.  It is fun to find an old article and then locate the area where the event took place.  In March 1911, one of these folks shared their trip to Pine Knob.

Pine Knob Bluff is located in eastern Crittenden County on the Blackburn Church Road.  The Knob is best viewed from across the road at a distance so you can see the full beauty of it.

Here is the little article.  On last Saturday we decided to take a trip to the old noted "Pine Knob."  Perhaps this is one of the highest points in east Crittenden and from this high summit we could take a view of the surrounding country.

We left our "shack" at 9 a.m., and after several miles of travel across the level stretches of a smiling country, dotted here and there, with red roofs of houses and barns.  

Then in the forests, among the trees were the early bird, the blue and the jay, were singing their sweet melody all indicating life and activity.

 Now we have reached the margin of the foot hills of Pine Knob and we commenced their ascent.  Up we went, over logs, rocks, rush and boulders of every kind and description, and last climbing step by step we reached hanging rock the top most crest.

 This area of Crittenden County and on to Shady Grove is known for the the beauty of it's rugged rocky landscape.  Also known as Piney Bluffs.

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