Monday, April 6, 2015

Dr. O. C. Cook, Country Doctor

One of Crittenden County's beloved country doctors was Dr. Oliver C. Cook, better known just as Dr. Cook. 

He received his medical training from the University of Tennessee and graduated on April 29, 1899.  

Soon after graduation he packed the tools of his profession, a few suits of clothes and his new diploma in a carpet bag, saddled his riding horse, rode to the Cumberland River and caught a river boat to Pickneyville, Ky, near the town of Salem in Livingston Co.,  from there he re-saddled his horse and rode to the little village of View, Ky. located about  5 miles south of Marion.

After a few months of practice he sent for his family to join him.  It was his wife, Nellie Searcy Cook and children, son Roy, and daughters, Mary, Hilda and Ruby.  They lived in Crayne, Ky for several years, then he moved his office to Marion.

Thomas Harrison Rushing, better known as Shine, drove Dr. Cook to see his patients in the rural parts of the county by way of horse and buggy.  Then when automobiles because in use, he drove Dr. Cook in his new car, one of the first cars in Crittenden County.

Dr. Cook practiced medicine in this area for 56 years, and only retired then on account of ill health.  He had a genuine love for people and for his chosen profession, and with his medical skill and sense of humor, he endeared himself to his patients.  

At the time of his retirement, he had delivered 4,400 babies.  He closed his office in 1955.  ( I was one of those many babies he delivered)

Dr.  Cook remained fairly active for several years until his death on July 30, 1960.  He is buried at Mapleview Cemetery with other members of his family.

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