Monday, March 9, 2015

Remembering Marion's Potter & Brumfield Plant

It was an exciting time for Marion and Crittenden County when the news of another plant was going to locate in Marion.  The hope of new jobs for our young people that could help them stay at home and have a good paying job.

The Potter & Brumfield Division of American Machine and Foundry Company first came to Marion in 1959.  It first opened in the former Southern Sates building on Hwy. 60.  

By January 1960 the firm relocated to a larger building that had formally housed Moore's Business Forms, on Moore Street.  Jack McWilliams was the plant manager.

In 1967 the plant employed about 400 employees.  They had outgrown the building they were now in and was going to built a new much larger plant on the Chapel Hill Road.

The new plant was started in 1969.

In Sept. 1984, the Potters and Brumfield plant celebrated with an open house.  Allen Summers was then plant manager.  

At this time the plant made thermoplastic moldings and electroplating for the P&B division of AMF. 

In 1985, the beginning of the end started when Siemens, A. G., a West German electronics conglomerate purchased the company.

Although it was several years before the company finally had closed, it never had the hometown feeling company it had been at the start, as many people from the new owners had leading positions in the company.

It was a sad day when we lost the Potter & Brumfield plant, later known as Siemens.  

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