Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Family Photographs

The old family photographs of long ago are a treasured item, especially so if they are identified.  Here are a couple that have the people named.

This picture was scanned from an old Crittenden Press.  It is the family of George Robert and Elexzea Catherine Brown.

Pictured are (back row) Daisy Pearl, Providence, Elmore Roe, Alvey Edward, Rebecca Jane, Frederick Udolphus.  (front row) Iler, Elexzena Catherine, John Clarence, George Robert, Martha Anne and Trovel Walker Brown.

It was taken it 1895, and was taken at the their farm west of Crayne, in the community of View, in 1895.

The family moved to Crayne in the early 1900s but retained ownership of the farm until the 1930's.  

George Robert Brown, died Jan. 28, 1911 and is buried in the Union Cemetery.  His wife, Elexzana Catherine (Fuqua) Brown died 1933 and is also buried at Union Cemetery in Levias, Ky.


          The Cochran Family about 1896.  (picture donated to the Museum by Don Foster, Burna, Ky)

The Cochran and Rochester families were prominent families in Marion in the early 1900's, associated with the city and county government and local businesses.
Front row: Healy Haynes Cochran, Nannie Rochester, Joseph Rochester, Nathaniel Gray Rochester, Nannie Moxley Cochran, Emmett Rodgers, John Thomas Cochran, Leona Miller, Mary Cochran Miller, Nannie Miller and Herbert Rodgers.
Back row: Elva Crider Cochran, Thomas Henry Cochran, Anna Cochran Rochester, Robert William Cochran, John Watts Cochran, Samuel George Cochran, Luther Miller, Dora Cochran Rodgers, and Robert Rodgers.

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