Tuesday, April 8, 2014

River Traffic at Weston

Weston, located about 12 miles from Marion, was once a prosperous and bustling river port town. The Weston of today is a quiet, peaceful little village of just a few families. 

 It becomes difficult to see the town as a bustling village with several businesses lining its streets, hotels for the many travelers to spend the night, a tobacco factory,  and a very busy river dock for boats large and small.

 The is a typical paddle wheeler of the day.  The gang plank would be lowered to the bank for loading and unloading of people, goods and livestock.  Livestock would be kept on the lower lever as seen in the picture.

The river traffic was for both commerce and travel. Years ago, the Ohio River was the main route for delivering goods to Weston, then to be picked up later and taken to Marion and other parts of the county.  People for miles around used the Weston river port for receiving their supplies and also the only way to transport their livestock to Evansville for sale.

It was also the only way to travel to points North and South and even then it was surprising how many people traveled to Evansville, St. Louis, and points North, and by transferring from the Ohio at Cario to the Mississippi they also traveled south.

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