Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Marion Medicines

Marion has had some local medicine remedies that were sold here in Marion.  One was Stone's Specific.  Daniel W. Stone, produced a blood purifier and system builder.  It was called Stone's Healing Oil.  It was
good for rheumatism, chills, malaria, and other things.

He also sold orange tablets that he ordered through the mail and then repacked and sold, it said Stone's Special Tablets on the label.  He sold these to the country stores around the county and also to the Drug Stores.  They were sort of a miracle pill for anything that ailed you.

Mr. Stone lived on East Bellville Street in Marion.  His small home is still standing today,  it has been empty for many years and is in a sad state of deterioration. 

Another locally made medicine ointment was Cross Salve.

It was made by James Henry, Jr.  Was good for Sores, Burns, Piles, and skin diseases.

This ad was printed in 1930.   It was told to be a wonderful cure.

There were many testimonies in the paper of how it cured the worst of cuts and open sores on the skin.

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