Saturday, February 15, 2014

Old Fort Motel - Lost in Time

About 10 miles from Marion on Hwy. 60 East used to set a little family run motel called the Fort Motel. 
It was was painted brown with white stripes to look like a log cabin or an old fort.  It always fascinated me as it really looked like a fort out of the western movies and it was located in such an odd place just on the side of the road.

It was also known for it's good food and I have been told that some of the well to do families in Marion would go there for a special dinner and take their out of town guests to dine at "The Fort."

This picture  above came from a 1962 Crittenden Press ad when the place as up for sale by Dave & Nina Luttrell.  It said The Fort is a log and stone constructed building unusually attractive, unique in design and is modern as you will fine.  Total rooms are 6 including 3 bedrooms, 2 complete baths, living room large kitchen and family room.

This picture was from an ad in 1967 and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Porter had it up for sale.  

Another source of information told me a few years later the building burnt.  But no more information has been found.

Just one of those things I always found interesting but could find no history on when it was built or really how it's life ended.

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