Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fluor Spar History

Thanks to the old articles found in The Crittenden Press we are able to know and learn some of the history of our fluorspar mills of long ago.  This article appeared in 1902 and  reports that the Kentucky Fluor Spar Company of Marion are the miners, the grinders and distributors of fluor spar through out the United States.  

At this time they own nearly every producing fluor spar mines in the district and it is the only district in the United Staes where it is found in quantity.  

Three great reserve dumps at Marion, at Mexico, and at Crayneville, on the Illinois Central Railroad, enables them to do this.  Good weather, bad weatehr, muddy roads or freshets make no difference.

The Crayneville supply lot where a mule drawn wagon waits it's turn to unload it's fluorspar onto the lot.

Thousands and thousands of tons of this wonderful mineral are shipped to manufactures from Alabama to Montana, from New York to California.

A dozen mines fully equipped with modern mining machinery create the output.  

Scores of teams do the hauling to the railroad and hundred of men are at work in the mines.

What a wonderful rich history our county has of the time when Ore, Zinc, and Fluorspar where at their most needed in the county and Crittenden County was the supplier of these minerals.  Now fading in time, it's only a memory to a few of the older generation.

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