Friday, February 7, 2014

Historic Pickens Home

Another one of Marion's historic homes sits empty and losing it's grandeur.  Al Pickens bought this land in 1904 in the North end of Marion.  He laid out the land and made several town lots for new homes to be built.  
His new home would be the first built on the new building addition to the town.

The Crittenden Press in July 1904 tells about the 
new home.  A. J. Pickens is building a handsome brick residence in North Marion.

Mr. Pickens, the hardware merchant, new handsome brick residence on his lot in the Haynes Grove section, just north of town, is almost complete.  The location is exceptionally good, being high and dry with a spendid view of the city of Marion.  

His house will have a splendid cellar, which is a luxury, a large reception hall, double parlors, with folding doors between, with family and dining room and kitchen on first floor.  

Several sleeping apartments will be on the second floor.  The house is a credit to the town and we are proud to see it going up. If this house was built in a large city they would say it has four stories.

The Slyche Frazer family lived in this beautiful old home for many years.  Now it sits empty wishing to be restored to it's former beauty.  Two different families that I know of at one time over the past several years purchased this home and actually started restoring it, something seems to happen and it is never finished and the people leave. This picture was made in January 2007. 

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