Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Steamboat on The Cumberland

Steamboats and Paddle Wheelers were a big part of Crittenden County history.  In the early days before roads were available, the river was the transportation for the county, we are surrounding on three sides, by the Ohio, the Cumberland, and the Tradewater.  

Here is an article from the July 1920 Crittenden Press, telling about the New Steamboat, Grace Devers. 

The new steamboat, Grace Devers, owned by Capt. F. O. Devers of Dycusburg made an excuration trip to Cave-In-Rock.  The board had a good crowd which was very orderly and seemingly very enjoyable.

The Grace Devers was built for the Cumberland River trade between Dycusburg and Paducah, making daily trips between these point.

Capt. Devers is well known to many independent readers, all of whom wish him great success.   The people here at Dycusburg are greatly pleased over the fact that our new passenger steamer, the Grace Devers is making daily trips on schedule time from Dycusburg to Paducah and return.  

On her maiden trip we celebrated equal to the signing of the armistice on the maiden trip down by firing guns and throwing a vast number of bouquets after her, which floated triumphantly after her on the calm surface of the picturesque Cumberland.

The boat is named for Mr. Devers' wife, who is a very charming and hospital lady and who has toiled with great earnestness and faithfulness in assisting her husband to get the boat completed.

An ad that appeared the the Press about an upcoming event for the Grace Devers.  Sounds good to me, would have loved to taken the trip with them. 

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