Saturday, November 30, 2013

Marion 1907 Grade School Graduating Class

Meet the Marion Graded School Graduating Class of 1907. 

This is part of the 1907 Graduating Class of Marion Graded School.  Some of the class were unable to have their picture made with the group because of sickness.
Back row, #1. Maude Gilliland, 2. Mary Coffield, 3. Cecil LaRue, 4. Marion Clement, 5. Lizzie Gilbert, 6. Addie Maynard, 7. Maurie Boston, 8. Ruby Cook, 9. Eva  Clement, 10. Jimmy Rankin, 11. Curt Hardin, 12. Maggie Moore (Teacher), 13. David Fohs, 14. Katie Shephenson, 15. Madaline Jenkins, 16, Mamie Love, 17, Anna Allen Elgin, 18. Aubrey Cannon, 19, Mildred Rankin, 20. Mae Cook.

The only cloud to mar the pleasure and success of the "1907 Commencement" was the fact of so many of the pupils being ill, an epidemic of measles being abroad in the city.  Eleven of the graduates were unable to attend the ceremonies.   

Noted with pleasure the name of Miss Ruby Cook, of Crayneville, who wins the honor of being Valedictorian of the 1907 class of thirty-four graduates of the eighth grade.  She being the daughter of Dr. O. C. Cook, the well known physician of Crayneville. 

And also that of Miss Ruth Hill, the daughter of H. O. Hill, of Chapel Hill, as Salutatorian.  These honors are won by hard study and these young ladies deserve much praise.

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