Sunday, June 30, 2013

Removal of a familiar Marion Icon

This giant flag graced the east side of the old City Hall and Fire station wall since 1975.  The Flag was painted during our nation's history - our bicentennial.  The larger-than-life image was first approved to be painted on the wall by Narion city Council in 1975, the year before we turned 200 as a nation.

A Murray State artist, Mike Brum, pictched the current 100-foot design as one of three to be used.  It was part of a venture to have in each Kentucky county by 1976 a large image of Old Glory to stand as the ultimate testament to two centuries of democracy and liberty.

Since city hall and the fire station have relocated to their more modern, up to date buildings, the building adorned in the Stars and Strips has laid dormant and largely empty for several years.  The structure will be razed, bringing the flag down along with it.  There is simply no viable safe way to support the tower of bricks without the building who eastern side it walls.

The Flag's disappearance will be a sad day for many a Marion citizen gaze upon the image every day as they go their way to and from the downtown area.  

 Demolition of the building began on Monday, June 24th, 2013 and was completed the next day.

 Demolition complete, Gone another of Marion's Historical icons and another part of her history.

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