Monday, June 24, 2013

Boston Lumber Company

For many years the Boston Lumber Company supplied the needs of lumber and anything else one would need for construction.

Crittenden Press, Nov. 19, 1914
Boston's new lumber emporium is nearing completion and is an immense establishment worth a visit from any citizen of the community who is interested in the growth and development of our various enterprises.

Mr. J. N. Boston is the owner of the new business and the owner of this fine property.  He has also valuabe help in the conducting of his office from his two sons, Messsrs Maurie and Ted Boston.

Their new ware-rooms and offices near the I. C. Depot are not only immense but are stored with everything that goes into a house.  Their machine shop and engine rooms and planing mills are now being reconstructed and enlarged and at the same time not put out of commission.  The larger building was put up, over and around the older and smaller ones.

They handle lime, cement, nails and all kinds of builders hardware and have recently installed a self measuring apparatus for gasoline where motors can be filled and the gasoline measured and strained at the same time.  This is a new invention and a patent well worth going a long distance to see.

In fact few people in Marion know to what exent this business has grown and would be suprised to take a trip through all its departments and see its immensity.
In June 1973, the J. N. Boston & Sons Lumber Business was sold at action to settle and to dissolve the interest of the J. N. Boston heirs.

The Darben Develpers, Inc. purchased the company, but I don't think it stayed in business very long after that. 

The old building still stands, but going down each day, as a reminding to passers-by of a once prosperous business in Marion.

This picture was made in 1998.

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