Thursday, February 28, 2013

Machen Wilson

I bought this old photo at the Sturgis Antique Mall at Sturgis, Ky.  It was in a box with some other old pictures.  It had the name Machen Wilson written on the back of the photo.  Which was really a treat, for most didn't have any identification on them at all.

Since the photographer was J. L. Stewart, of Marion, I purchased the photo hoping to identify the young man.

He is the son of George P. Wilson and Margaret A.(Crabtree) Wilson.  They are buried in the old Wilson Family cemetery somewhere off of the Bells Mines Road.  He was 7 years old on the 1880 Crittenden Census.

In 1895, I happen to come across this ad in the Crittenden Press.  NEW RESTAURANT.  New Confectionery and restaurant 2 doors south of Marion Hotel.  I have a clean, complete stock of all kinds, fruits of al kinds, etc.  My prices will be as low as possible for the best grade of goods.  A first class restaurant in connection with other business.  Lunches, hot or cold and meals furnished at all hours.  Everything neat and clean.  Come and see me.  All kinds of non-intoxicating summer drinks.  signed:  Machen Wilson.

The picture was probably made about this time period when he had opened his new restaurant.  He would have been  around 22 years old.  I don't know what happened to his business, whether he left it or it may have gotten burned in one of Marion's fires.

 By 1917, Machen and 2 of his brothers, Charles and Rufus were out West in Nunn, Colorado, according to their father's obituary. 

It is nice to be lucky sometimes and be able to add some history to an old picture, it sure makes them come alive in your mind.

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