Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crooked Creek Baptist Church

Crooked Creek Baptist Church is another of Crittenden County's old historic churches.  Located about 2 miles north of Marion on the old Ford's Ferry Road. Organized in 1835 by a group of believers to organize a New Testament church.

I have already done a history post on the Crooked Creek Church on July 2, 2011.  If you would care to re-read it.

Today's post is to document that his old historic church has closed it's doors.  Due to lack of members and interest, the church was unable to keep holding services.  Only a few faithful remaining members were attending, so after January 6th, 2013, Crooked Creek Church is now only history.

UPDATE:  June 13,2013.
Crooked Creek Church will remain open thanks to the Ohio River Baptist Association.  The Association voted to keep the church open just as the doors were about to be closed for good due to shrinking membership.   15 members of Repton Baptist Church left that church and ask to join Crooked Creek Church.  Both churches are members of the Ohio River Baptist Association.  A spokesman for the church said the Crooked Creek's membership was hesitant at fist, but later changed their mind and voted to allow in the members from Repton so the newcomers would not have to dissolve the church and start over.

Crooked Creek Church is once again going strong.  On the fourth Sunday of the month they have a gospel singing where people can come and give testimonies and sing.  They have had two, both with good success.

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